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How to Have a “Me Time” Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! There is a fine line between hustle and burnout. Last week, I crossed it. Having started my first job ever (full-time) along with taking a class and creating my own organization on campus, a lot of responsibilities arose in my life. Since I love giving 110% in all that I'm doing,… Continue reading How to Have a “Me Time” Weekend

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On Modern Love / Perspectives on Romance in Nowadays’ World

Happy Monday! I had a very art-filled weekend, and I'm not talking Van Gogh or Picasso. I'm talking train rides, reading, sketching French streets, journaling ideas, and just simply looking for the beauty and aesthetics in everything that I did, even if it was just a conversation with a stranger. I also had a killer… Continue reading On Modern Love / Perspectives on Romance in Nowadays’ World

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On Becoming an Adult

"In contrast to a 'minor', a¬†legal adult¬†is a¬†person¬†who has attained the¬†age of majority¬†and is therefore regarded as independent,¬†self-sufficient, and¬†responsible. The typical age of attaining legal adulthood is 18, although definition may vary by legal rights and country." (Wikipedia) Whoever was telling me that age 18 is the one that marks your adulthood was wrong (aka… Continue reading On Becoming an Adult