Me in my college dorm, freshman year.

I’m Tori, nice to meet ya! I am a 20 year-old way-too-optimistic gal, adventure seeker (I say “yes” to SO many spontaneous crazy ideas), travel lover (visited 19 countries in Europe, the Americas are my next target!), and mindfulness meditation freak. A free spirit since a little child, I chose to take my individualistic self to another level and came all the way to the US from Romania for college. I’m currently studying business in Philadelphia, USA, at Drexel University – just finished my freshman year yay!


I have always loved writing, and I developed a passion for English from the moment I started learning it. I decided to do something with my passion and, combined with my desire to inspire others, I created this blog where I share my college experiences with you. My goal is to motivate, determine, and inspire you with my stories. This little piece on the World Wide Web is my chance to show you who I am as a whole: my dreams, stories, passions, ideas. It’s a space that will show my lifestyle, thoughts, and adventures. I am interested in all things related to positivity, traveling, deep talks, art, style, entrepreneurship, personal growth, mindfulness and well-being, so you are going to see posts mainly in these areas.

View on my flight from USA to Europe. It felt like we were catching the night, seeing this beautiful sunset while on the airplane.


There are many things to know about me. However, I will let you discover them through my stories. I’m always looking for new and exciting experiences to fulfill my life with, and I strongly believe we should be grateful every single day for what we have.

Art on a stone that I saw while I was hiking.