what is meditation?

meditation has no definition and, in fact, it is related to that which is nameless, unseen, but known and ever-present. even trying to define such a concept takes away its true meaning. still, if i were to do so, i’d be talking about the practice of looking inward, accessing the subtle levels in order to free the mind of any mental activity or chatter. i would be referring to an inner state of detachment, constant search, and devotion. understanding who you are, raising vibration, elevating intuition, and gaining clarity beyond the physical realm. responding more, reacting less. i would consider discipline, noble ideals, and awareness as the foundation of the practice. i would, maybe, focus on the here and now, but even these notions would be bounded by the limitations of a material space and time.

then, i might ask, what is there left for me to understand? why bother trying to understand something that cannot be understood, but only experienced?

thus, i would turn silent, and let the practice speak for itself.

this week i’ve completed a Hatha Yoga school for beginners that lasted for 6 weeks with a total of 12 sessions, each focusing on the theories and philosophy of the Hindu yoga as they have been taught thousands of years ago. it’s been offering me a new perspective on what Yoga is and means, and quite frankly it is just what i was looking for, without even knowing. i felt a sweet serendipity discovering a practice that now i am incorporating into my daily life, and soon hoping to reach an hour of meditation every day.

if you’re interested in learning more about this experience or even trying it yourself, let me know! 🙂


~ tori

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