To Ask Yourself Before the New Year

sparkler - New Year's Eve

Happy holidays everyone, I wish you a restful and wonderful time wherever you are in the world! I feel like the time between Christmas and New Year is like a non-existent time where nobody knows that day it is or what they are supposed to do, pretty much like a No Man’s Land, the time version.

In consequence, I chose to see this time as reflection time – a time where I let go of obligations, to do lists, worries, and I fully dedicate it to myself and my reflection for the year that passed, in hope of preparing the ground for a flourishing and successful 2020. I found this post on Instagram the other day that contains a set of really interesting questions to ask yourself before the new year, and I’d like to answer them in this blog post. Feel free to join me in my reflection!


What’s one small way you can become a better person in 2020? For others? For yourself? For others, by being a better listener, helper, friend, and by choosing the healthy way of behaving in my relationships, no matter what. For myself, by waking up really early every day and sticking to my sleep schedule. Small way, but so important (yet so hard to do!)

What are you holding onto currently that’s no longer serving you? Why are you holding on? What’s one step you can take towards releasing it? Holding on to perspectives that got ingrained in my mind from different relationships, and I am most likely holding on to them because I make myself blind to all the other possibilities of escape. Pretty sure I can release them if I focus my mental energy on things that serve me well.

Set a goal for 2020 that excites you. Set a goal that scares you. Excites me – to invest time and energy in my passion projects and find the way to have financial benefits from them. Scares me – to take the road less traveled. They are pretty intertwined.

What do you want to be a student of 2020? Student of the beauty of human connection and the collective consciousness that is ever-present in this world.

Who in your life deserves the biggest thank you for this year? Let them know if you can. So. Many. People. Wow. I’m freaking grateful for the ones who have been on my journey this year, and for the ones who stuck with me.

What can you thank yourself for this year? Having the courage to follow my intuition and take action.

What have you outgrown this year? Old mentalities, traditional values, and my own naive perception of reality.

What’s an important boundary you’d like to set for 2020? Not let myself be anyone’s trophy.

What’s a memory this past year that makes you smile just thinking about? Seeing California for the first time!


It was a nice short reflection, hope you did it too or at least you enjoyed reading this post!

To give you an update of my life ~ I just finished my first semester in Paris and I’m enjoying the holiday in Bucharest now. I’ll be away in the mountains for a few days with some dear friends, and I’ll have A LOT of work to get done when I’m back. Not only finding my next co-op experience, but also finishing my Paris Diaries vlog series and doing my Annual Review of 2019!

Stay tuned xx



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