Homing / Trusting Your Intuition and Coming Home to the Self

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“So it is a gift from the immense vitality of the psyche, then, that there is deep in the unconscious a caller, an old one who rises to the surface of our consciousness and begins to incessantly call us back to our true natures. (…) this voice is considered a direct transmission from the soul (…), a natural homing signal.” 


Above is an excerpt from one of the books that changed my life, Women Who Run With the Wolves, a manifesto for the Wild Woman Archetype and her works, her way of infiltrating in women’s lives and teaching them stories based on intuition, higher calling, and creativity. The more I grow and I experience this life, the more I come back to the teachings in this book, understanding them fully, not merely by reading.

Now I understand the stories about our intuition signal, our inner voice that tells us when too much is too much, and when it’s time to come back home, whether literally to our birth home or to the home that is the self, the true nature within us. I’ve experienced this signal the first time not too long ago, and it was disguised as the moon, the stars, and the voice of God. It was disguised as tears that couldn’t be materialized and a shell that I was willing to break through with the essence of my soul. I knew it was my natural homing signal, the Wild Woman calling me home. I could hear her, I could see her. If I had told anyone about it, people would have thought I’m crazy. But only a woman who, at some point in her life, woke up so in tune with her intuition, can understand this feeling fully. As my creative spirit needs to be in motion, I wrote a little something inspired by my experience.



in the quietness of the night

in the beauty of the moonlight

i heard my soul’s songs of despair

through the infinity of night air

my heart was screaming and crying out loud

within the shell that was allowed

my eyes were guided by the moon

where a calling said to come home soon

it was the voice of the Divine, the Wild

whispering to come back alive.


Whenever you get this signal, move. Follow it and your intuition. It will lead you to a place of life, where you have more room to grow and to bloom the way you are supposed to. I can’t describe it fully, but you will understand it once it appears. There will be no denying that it’s an alarming signal for you, for your soul to wake up from the spiritual exhaustion it was trapped in. Sometimes, the signal means to give up everything and leave. It means to learn detachment and strength, and to learn how to gently let go of things that are not meant for you anymore.

For me, it was taking a break from the American burnout lifestyle and experiencing the Parisian la vie en rose. It doesn’t have to be such a dramatic change, it can be as simple as saying “no” to an invitation, withdrawing yourself from a project that was causing more stress than fulfillment, or deciding that it’s time to wake up at 7am everyday and go jogging instead of sleeping in, because that’s what makes your soul happy. Whenever you get the natural homing signal (and you’ll know when you do), don’t bury it in ignorance. Instead, listen to it and ask the Universe “What is the change I need to make right now that will give me the most life and soul?”. You’ll know the answer before you could comprehend it.


As I am writing this, I realize the power of literally coming home, since right now I am back in Bucharest for a short holiday. Every coming home acts like this intense period of transition where I am reflecting, growing, and learning. I notice my world views clashing because of the traveling and experiencing of new cultures and systems, and I have nothing to do but to grow more on a spiritual and profound level. Coming home means time with family, doctor visits, meeting with priests, seeing old friends again, or coffee meetings with people who just want to have intellectual or spiritual talks. It means coming back to a place that looks and feels the same as I left it, but seen with new eyes freshened by a different perspective. All these interactions are so different than what I experience while traveling, and sometimes it hits you: the surface is different, the core is the same. Go beyond the economic concepts, and you will find the same roots. Same love, same desires, same souls.

With that, I’d love to end this short piece of reflection with an encouragement for everyone who made it here (whoever you are, thank you).

I encourage you to get out of your common ways, your comfort zone, and to go away. Traveling and experiencing life in other cultures is the best medicine for the heart, soul, and mind. Don’t force it, as it will come naturally. But when it comes, do it for the experience of discovering the world and the people inhabiting it. It will leave you a little bit more judge-free, open-minded, and self-aware.

And remember… Always trust your intuition.





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