Reality Check

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This world that we live in… It’s full of mystery, stories, and illusions. Oh and how easy it is to get trapped in all of them! To forget, for a moment or two, about your inner self, your home, your eternal nature. To let this whole drama invade you and mess with your inner peace.


We’ve been fooled to believe that this is the reality, but truth is, it’s just a big play in which we are the main characters. What a pity to get fooled into believing all that we experience here! What a pity to linger over the sorrow the material world can bring you! What a pity not to live every single moment in bliss and serenity!

Open your eyes, see yourself. Open your heart, feel the love. Open your soul, be magic.

You are a sea of light, and don’t let anyone or anything dull your sparkle. You are in full control of your spirit, and only you can explore its true nature. Be curious, calm, and patient, and you’ll be able to bring that light back into the world. Be aware of anything that is affecting your light, and avoid it. Focus on the things that make you feel free, happy, and safe. Leave anything that’s harming your soul, and focus on the activities, habits, and thoughts that are nourishing your spirit.

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Honor your soul, as well as the others’. We are all filled with light, but it’s easy to fall into darkness. Remember though, the light will always bring you home, in a place where you are whole and nothing can break you.

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So be in the search of your home, and let that be the most important journey of your life on this Earth, because, at the end of the day, we are all pure beings trapped in a world of matter. It’s our choice if we live it in freedom and simplicity or in anger and sorrow.

Choose wisely.




Song recommendation: Sat Naaraa-In – Snatam Kaur

Today’s mantra: May my heart be kind, my mind fierce, and my spirit brave.

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