December Checklist

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Photo from Montreal, Canada, from Thanksgiving break! A spontaneous trip with my dear friend Jeanette.

Hello everyone! It’s a beautiful Sunday, I woke up in such a good mood today and I’m grateful for every little thing in my life, even if it is just jamming on 90s music in my room haha! I’m so excited for December, because that means it’s officially my birthday month, so any gifts are accepted (JUST JOKING)! Plus, you can feel the holiday spirit, especially in the States, where there are lights and Christmas music everywhere! I’m loving it!

Today I looked back at my week, and I have to admit that I had a very stressful week. I’ve been incredibly stressed and anxious, and now I realize how pointless that was, and how harmful it is for our well-being. It is like I totally forgot about all the positive practices that help me stay on track, such as meditation, journaling, working out, or just walking around the city or campus. Having so much on my plate, no wonder why I end up like this. As the end of 2018 approaches, one wish I have for 2019 is definitely to reduce the amount of things I’m involved in, keeping only what is most valuable for me.


December has just begun, and I want to stick to certain daily practices to make sure I don’t let stress get to me again, and to remind myself to take care of my mind, body, and spirit. Here’s my list:

favicon__1_ Meditate 10 minutes every day. This is so important for me, but somehow I managed to completely ignore the practice in the past week. Before I start my day, meditating for 10 minutes and then journaling is what keeps me grounded and calm throughout what I will have going on. If you want to try meditation and don’t know where to start, I truly recommend the app Calm, that’s the one I use!

favicon__1_ Wake up early and go to bed early. Sleep is so incredibly important! If I don’t get enough, I can instantly feel how it affects my thinking, communication, and overall mood. It’s one of the most important sources of energy for our body and it’s not something we should neglect.

favicon__1_ Check on my friends back home every 2-3 days. Many times I forget to do this (I know I’m a terrible friend!) However, every time I check on my friends, it’s like a reminder that, even if we are an ocean away, we are still as close as we used to be, maybe even more.

favicon__1_ Spend $$$ only on what I truly need. This week I was broke, and when I say that I really mean it. I forgot, for a while, the true significance of money, and really didn’t think about the way I was spending. My spending was not smart, it was actually very chaotic, and that’s why I ended up not having any money. As I don’t have a job right now, it’s not the best feeling to ask my parents for money all the time, so I really want to focus on buying just what I need, and that applies to grocery shopping, Christmas shopping, and even the way I use transportation. I recommend, if you’re in the same situation, to create a budget spreadsheet for the month! This way you will be able to track your spending much more easily.

favicon__1_ Exercise 3 times per week. When was the last time I went to the gym and had a full powerful workout? Good question! Being busy with work, I totally neglected doing sport, which is exactly why I fell in the trap of stress. If I don’t allow myself time to relax (and get some endorphins in), then how will I face the amount of work I have to do?

favicon__1_ Work with no distractions. This is a big one, because I realized I am getting really distracted every time I am working on an assignment by things such as phone, social media, food, and the list can go on. Therefore, from now on, every time I start working, I shut down everything, put all my stuff away, and focus only on the task in front of me. I did it yesterday for my history papers, and I was so much more productive. It’s easy: until you are not done with work, you don’t check any notification!

favicon__1_ Enjoy the holiday spirit! CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! I truly want to enjoy the beautiful time period, and I can do that in so many ways! Buying a Christmas tree, gifts for dear ones, going to the Christmas village, ice-skating, or preparing good meals! I’m thinking at throwing a small Christmas party next week to de-stress from the exams stress and spend some time with my friends.

favicon__1_ Keep my home clean and welcoming. Another thing that I learnt this week is that my home looks the way I am feeling. The whole week, my house was a complete mess, and I felt so bad about it! When I finally got time to relax, I cleaned everything, made sure the dishes were in the right place, and made everything look pleasant and nice. Now I am so happy to be able to have friends over without feeling like I’m a total mess. And I feel better too! Cleaning really helps you clear your mind, and having a welcoming place to go back to at the end of the day is so important for your well-being.


These are the goals I set so far! As long as I can stick to these practices, I know I will be so much better. As a person, friend, daughter, sister, roommate, and so on. This week, I saw how being stressed affected my relationships and interactions, and I don’t want to spread that kind of vibe to the people around me.

I’m sure the list will help me be more aligned, and I encourage you as well to think about your goals for the last month of the year! You want to finish strong, right?

Lots of love,



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