What’s Your Pause Button?

Hello beautiful souls reading my blog!

Like I said, I am going to post every Sunday, so here we go! I’ve been doing a lot of mindfulness reading and practice in the past week, and I would like to share with you a super helpful exercise that you can incorporate in your daily lives to help you be more grounded and mindful.


I mentioned it before (here), but I will do it again: we are human beings, but often we forget how to simply be. We tend to become overwhelmed by our to-do lists, assignments, deadlines, and daily tasks, transforming into human doings. We fall into a mode of busyness and we even stress ourselves a lot on the things that we couldn’t achieve. That’s pretty common, especially because work is an important part of life, so even if you want or not, you are going to deal with it in a way or another. However, it’s important to be mindful when you are dealing with it. That is, reminding yourself to shift regularly into the mode of being by pausing at any time during our tasks, taking a moment to simply notice where you are and what is happening around you.

Lauren and I having a pause moment :)

See it as a small break, just like pressing a pause button. It can be only for a few seconds: all you need to do is shift your focus from the task in front of you and bring your awareness to what is happening here and now, noticing your mind, body, and the environment. Let’s do it right now. Take a moment to try this:

Stop reading. Take a few seconds to notice what is happening here and now. The feelings in your body. Your thoughts and emotions. The surrounding environment. What do you hear? What do you see? What do you smell? Awaken your senses. Then take a few mindful breaths, being aware of where you feel them in your body. Observe the way you inhale and exhale. Then carry on.

By doing this, you train your mind to cultivate the ability to be more present, aware, and to find a respiro moment, the space that helps you carry on with your tasks more mindfully. You don’t have to meditate to escape a bit from the fast-forward mode, you just need small reminders that help you take those seconds to ground and tune back to your senses, emotions, and thoughts. This being said, think about something that you can use as a reminder for your pause practice. It can be an usual activity such as brushing your teeth, a certain sound that you can hear often during the day, or a visual cue such as a sticker on your laptop or an image on your fridge. Whatever it is, set it and let it be your pause button. Personally, I chose to take a pause to get back to my being mode every time I see 11:11, 12:13 or 13:12 on the clock. It happens to me quite often, and those numbers symbolize a lot in my life. It’s my reminder of taking a step back, noticing the present moment, being grateful for my existence, and then carrying on with my task. 🙂


And, for the conclusion, some reminders:

Mindfulness creates space for ‘being’ rather than ‘doing’.”

“If you allow time for being, it will help your doing to be more productive.”

This can be the beginning of your mindfulness practice. Let me know in the comments how it went, what’s your pause button, or simply any opinions you want to share!

See you next Sunday,



P.S.: Blog post is inspired by the book I am currently reading, “Mindfulness” by Tessa Watt.

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