a taste of freedom


“you taste like sea salt”, she noticed.

“you taste like freedom”, he responded.


then they kissed again. with a taste of sea salt and feel of sand, they brought the sea waves in their passionate love. warming each other’s bodies from the coldness of the night swim in the sea, they became one. one body, one mouth, one soul. not losing their touch, they played like children in the sand, but in that very moment, they felt like children of the sea. children of the universe. it was them, the sea, and the red orange sky preparing to give birth to the sun from the depths of the water. the hours went by like minutes, seconds, a wink… but they felt eternal at the same time. like nothing else mattered, just that certain moment, leaving any worries, thoughts, or doubts somewhere far away, where nothing can access them, especially not their own minds.


their souls were enjoying the moment, their skin was one and the same, and their hearts were intertwined. when the sun revealed its red shine from the sea, there was nothing but silence. a meaningful silence that conquered the beach and the souls of both of them. the silence conquered their little universe in that simple moment, and communicated stories of spontaneity, adventures, and moments that you don’t plan, but turn out to be the most precious memories you will ever hold… memories of discovering yourself while being receptive to what the world brings. in the end, all that matters is that you live your life focused on developing your internal dialogue, and finding the souls that will help you achieve this.


this is not just a story of two souls sharing a night together, swimming naked in the sea, dancing to the beats of music, and making love on the sand. it’s a story of understanding the essence of humanity, the incredible force of nature, the laws of the universe, and the fact that we’re all one and the same.



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