Brave Girl, Choose Yourself

I am a MASSIVE fan of girls. I know, that’s a weird statement to make, but I can’t recall the number of times I got small “girl crushes”. It happens to me almost every day. Seeing how many different, amazing, and determined girls are out in the world, I am constantly inspired by them to grow and push my limits.


Today, for the International Women’s Day, I woke up determined to fully appreciate the gift of being a girl, woman, sister, daughter, girlfriend, and the list can continue with a lot of great roles that I have as a girl. Not only this, but I also woke up with a sense of gratitude for all the amazing girls that I have in my life. And I made sure they knew.

I started my day by seeing this photo on Instagram saying “brave girl, choose yourself”, and I am not kidding when I tell you that it completely changed my attitude. These few words were enough to remind me that I am the most important person in my life (well, also a message from my mother which specifically said “you are the most important person in your life”), but you got the point. That was all I needed to put on my heels, mascara, and go out to conquer the day. I told myself “Why do I have the tendency to limit my potential just because of some unwritten false rules imposed by the ones around me?”. Why do we, girls, often hide in an imaginary shell that hinders our chance to show our shine to the world? We think we would be too much, say to much, care too much. We couldn’t be more wrong. There is no “too much” in being genuine. There is no “too much” in laughing out loud, being playful, treating yourself with small little pleasures (such as that good morning coffee, or that good book in a snowy day), putting on that killer outfit, dancing your heart out, giving love to others, caring about others, rising up and saying your opinion, taking chances, exploring new places, and the list can continue. No, girl, there is no “too much” in doing all these things!


A very dear and close friend of mine asked me, a while ago, “How much of your potential do you think you are using?”. I thought for a while, and realizing I’m far from using it fully, I told him “Maybe about 40%?”. From that moment, we both realized how many astounding things we would achieve if we used our full potential. In the spirit of the Women’s Day, I challenge all girls out there to think about their full potential, and what they can do to achieve it. From my point of view, the starting point is simple: choose yourself. Once you do that, everything will flow naturally. All you need to do is put yourself on the first place, think about your goals, motivation, and soon you will find out that there is no better feeling than building your own empire.


I will conclude with a couple of motivational photos that I hope will remind you of the powerful, focused, smart, intelligent, and brave girl that you are!




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